What Is Teak Furniture? Why Should I Choose It For My Patio?

What Is Teak Furniture? Why Should I Choose It For My Patio?

No patio is complete without furniture. By adding furniture to your patio, you'll create a more attractive and functional space that allows you and your family to fully enjoy your home's patio. While patio furniture is available in dozens of materials, though, one of the most popular is teak. Teak furniture looks like standard wood, such as oak or hickory, but it contains several unique qualities making it ideal for patio and other types of outdoor furniture.

What Is Teak Furniture? Get the Facts

Teak furniture is any type of outdoor furniture -- chairs, chaise lounges, recliners, benches, stools, tables, etc. -- that's made of teak wood. A tropical hardwood, teak is native to Asia where the trees can grow to heights of over 100 feet. Companies harvest these trees and use the wood to make countless products, some of which include boats, fences and, of course, patio furniture.

It Doesn't Rot or Decay

You don't have to worry about your teak patio furniture rotting or decaying -- a quality you won't find in most other genuine wood furniture. How is teak able to withstand rain and moisture without rotting? The secret to its rot- and decay-resistant properties lies in its oils. Within the porous surface of teak wood is natural oils that inhibit the growth of rot- and decay-causing fungus. Even when left outdoors for months or years, teak patio furniture won't rot or decay.

It's Lightweight

In addition to being rot and decay resistant, teak furniture is also lightweight. You can easily move it from one area of your patio to another without the need for a second set of hands. With that said, teak patio furniture is still heavy enough to remain anchored during most storms.

It Looks Better With Age

Teak patio furniture doesn't degrade with age like other types of outdoor furniture. On the contrary, it actually looks better over time because it subtly fades. Exposure to sunlight won't damage teak patio furniture, but it will create the appearance of a lighter, more balanced tone that most homeowners prefer.

It Repels Pests

You might be surprised to learn that teak patio furniture repels pests. The same oil that protects teak furniture against rotting and decaying also protects it against pests. Wood-boring pests like carpenter ants and carpenter bees love to dig holes in wood furniture. Thankfully, this isn't a problem with teak patio furniture because of its insect-repelling oils.

Apr 8th 2019

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