How to Spring Clean Your Closet by TheNameStore

How to Spring Clean Your Closet by TheNameStore

When was the last time that you cleaned out your closet? Many housekeeping experts recommend going through your closet at least twice a year to remove unwanted items while reorganizing the items you intend to keep. So, if it's been longer than six months, you should use this opportunity to spring clean your closet. By tidying up your closet, you'll free up storage space while creating a cleaner and more cohesive interior decor in the process.

Remove Clothes You No Longer Wear

If you don't wear a particular garment in your closet, remove it. We all have a tendency to horde clothes that we don't wear. Maybe it doesn't fit, or perhaps it's just not your style anymore. Regardless, if you don't wear a particular garment, remove it from your closet. You can either sell it or donate it, but you shouldn't allow it to take up space in your closet.

Iron Wrinkles Clothes

When going through your closet, check to see if any of your clothes are wrinkled. If they've been sitting in your closet for several months, they may have developed wrinkles. If you find any wrinkled garments, go ahead and iron them. You can always iron a garment immediately before you wear it, but doing so will now will allow you to get dressed more quickly in the mornings.

Separate Long-Sleeved and Short-Sleeved Tops

A simple way to separate your shirts, sweaters and other tops in your closet is to place short-sleeved tops on one side and long-sleeved tops on the other. You can arrange all of your short-sleeved tops on the left side of your closet, for example, while placing all your long-sleeved shirts on the right side. This way, you can easily choose the right clothes for the weather without thumbing through your entire closet.

Store Out-of-Season Garments

Depending on the size of your closet, you may want to remove out-of-season garments. During the spring and summer, for instance, you probably won't need a heavy coat, in which case you can store it elsewhere, such as a guest bedroom closet or even your basement (if it's climate controlled).

Inspect Clothes for Damage

Another essential step to spring cleaning your closet is inspecting clothes for damage. From fading and stains to missing buttons or torn seams, damage may occur to your clothes from regular wear and use. If you discover that any of your clothes are damaged, consider repairing them before adding them back to your closet.

Mar 4th 2019

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