How to Modernize Your Living Room Decor by TheNameStore

How to Modernize Your Living Room Decor by TheNameStore

Most professional interior decorators recommend updating your living room decor at least once every three to four years. Decorating trends come and go from year to year. If you allow your living room decor to remain unchanged for longer than four years, it may look outdated compared to new decorating trends. You can easily modernize your living room decor, however, by following the tips listed below.

Remove Outdated Features

Start by removing any outdated features or elements in your living room decor that are no longer in style. If your living room has a popcorn-style ceiling with a textured surface, for example, you should remove it. Alternatively, if your living room has wood panels, you should remove them as well. Go through your living room and remove all outdated features to modernize this communal space inside your home.

Emphasize Symmetry

If you look at examples of modern living rooms, you'll probably notice most or all of them emphasize symmetry. In other words, they use layouts with straight and clean lines rather than curved lines. Symmetry is a defining element of modern decor, so don't overlook it when modernizing your living room.

Conceal TV and Other Electronic Devices

You can include a TV in your living room, but you should try to conceal it as well as other electronic devices and their respective electrical cables. Placing a large high-definition (HD) TV in front of your living room's seating arrangement lowers the aesthetic value of the surrounding space. The TV will become the main focal point of your living room, thereby diluting the aesthetic value of other, more important decorative features.

To conceal your TV and other electronic devices, either install them behind a wall that you can pull out or place them in a large TV cabinet or cupboard.

Add Slipcover to Sofa

Not all sofas need slipcovers. If your living room sofa is old and degraded, though, using one can revitalize its appearance while modernizing your living room decor in the process.

Decorate Walls With Personalized Artwork

Another way to modernize your living room decor is to decorate the walls with personalized artwork. Here at TheNameStore, you can purchase beautifully personalized meaning of name artwork for your living room walls. Each meaning of name artwork features your specified name with its historical meaning. You can use them to add a uniquely modern flair to your living room decor by displaying them on the walls.

Apr 3rd 2019

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