How to Decorate White Walls (Without Painting)

How to Decorate White Walls (Without Painting)

White walls tend to have a bland, lackluster appearance that offers little or no value to a home's aesthetics. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of repainting their walls. If you rent a house or apartment, for example, your landlord may prohibit you from repainting the walls. 

If you're stuck with white walls in one or more rooms of your home, you'll have to use an alternative strategy to enhance the decor. With the right modifications, though, you can improve your home's decor by offsetting the otherwise dull appearance of white walls.

Use Wall Lighting

Wall lighting offers an attractive alternative to traditional overhead lighting. Consisting of wall sconces, track lighting and other fixtures that are installed directly on a wall, it works particularly well in rooms with white walls. Using wall lighting will create a brighter environment while reducing the amount of visible white space in the process.

Create an Artwork Collage

Don't just hang a single piece of artwork on the walls. To conceal more of the white space, consider making a collage of a half-dozen or more pieces of artwork. Along with framed photos, you can add meaning of name artwork to your wall collages. It's a fun way to personalize your home's decor with a unique decorative element.

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Install Oversized Curtains

You should generally choose curtains that are just a few inches wider than the window frames on which they are installed. But if you're trying to decorate a room with white walls, choosing larger, wider curtains may prove beneficial. They'll cover more of the white walls while also introducing other colors into the room's decor.

When choosing curtains for a room with white walls, make sure they are wider than the window frames -- preferably at least 10 inches wider for maximum coverage. Additionally, choose oversized curtains in a non-white color. Using white curtains won't work, even if they are oversized. They must feature a color that overshadows white, such as black or red.

Decorate With Dark-Colored Furniture

Avoid decorating the room with white or other light-colored furniture and, instead, use dark-colored furniture. Black furniture is a safe choice for rooms with white walls. It looks elegant, modern and complements white walls. However, furniture in other dark colors can work as well. As long as your furniture features a dark color, it should complement and balance the color of your white walls.

Apr 12th 2019

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