How to Decorate a Dining Room Hutch by TheNameStore

How to Decorate a Dining Room Hutch by TheNameStore

A hutch is a brilliant addition to a dining room. As shown above, it features a set of shelves in a large, free-standing cabinet unit with transparent glass panels. Hutches have been around for over a half-decade, but they didn't become popular until the 1970s and 80s. 

Today, you can find hutches in countless residential dining rooms throughout the United States. But if you're planning to use a hutch in your dining room, you'll need to decorate it accordingly. Otherwise, it won't offer any value to your home's decor.

Clean the Glass

Assuming you have a traditional hutch with glass panels, you'll need to clean those panels to preserve its pristine appearance. Using an ammonia-based glass cleaner, wipe the front and back of all the hutch's glass panels to clean them. When cleaning the glass panels, make sure there are no streaks left behind. If you discover a streak, re-wipe it with a clean paper towel to remove any lingering liquid and eliminate the unsightly streak.

Polish the Wood

You'll also need to polish the hutch's wood frame. When left unchecked, dirt, dust and other debris will accumulate on your hutch's wood frame. Not only does this create a dirty and messy appearance, but it can also degrade your hutch. The stubborn dirt and debris will wear down the wood frame of your hutch, causing it to age more quickly. You can protect your hutch against premature wear and tear, however, by polishing its wood frame on a regular basis.

Display Colorful Dishware

On the shelves of your hutch, consider displaying colorful dishware like ceramic plates, bowls and glasses. Colorful dishware such as this will uplift your dining room's decor to create a more lively and energetic atmosphere. 

Just remember to choose dishware in an appropriate color for your dining room. If the dishware displayed in your hutch clashes with your dining room's existing furniture and decorations, it won't look right. For an attractive and cohesive dining room decor, choose dishware in a similar, matching color as the surrounding furniture and decorations.

Decorate the Top

For added aesthetic value, decorate the top of your dining room hutch. Many homeowners neglect this area of their hutch and, instead, only use the interior shelves for decorative purposes. Even if the shelves of your hutch are filled with color dishware -- or other decorations -- you can still take advantage of the top by filling with it other decorative items like plants, flowers, vases and more.

May 1st 2019

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