How to Convert a Guest Bedroom Into a Nursery Room

How to Convert a Guest Bedroom Into a Nursery Room

All newborns need a nursery room where they can safely sleep and play. Unfortunately, not all families have an extra unused room in their home that they can use for this purpose. If you're expecting a newborn in the near future, though, you can convert an existing guest room in your home into a nursery room. Being that most guest bedrooms go unused, it offers the perfect space for a nursery. And with a little work, you can convert your guest bedroom into an attractive nursery room for your newborn boy or girl.

Replace the Bed With a Crib

Start by removing the bed and replacing it with a crib. Unless your guest bedroom is particularly large, you probably won't have the luxury of leaving the bed in it. By removing the bed, you'll have more than enough space for a crib as well as other furnishings.

Paint the Walls

A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference in the appearance of your nursery room. If your guest bedroom currently features a traditional wall color, consider painting it a more appropriate color, such as light blue if you're expecting a boy or pink if you're expecting a girl. If you don't know the gender of your unborn child, choose a unisex color like lime green or yellow.

Baby-Proof It

All nursery rooms should be baby-proofed, meaning they are modified to protect newborns and toddlers from potential injury. So, how do you baby-proof your nursery room? See below for a few baby-proofing tips:

  • Place plastic covers over electrical outlets.
  • Secure blind cords so that your baby can't reach them.
  • Anchor furniture like dressers and chest of drawers to the wall. 
  • Place padded barriers around exposed brick.

Redecorate the Walls

After painting your nursery room -- and allowing sufficient time for the paint to dry -- you should redecorate the walls with fun artwork. Don't just display ordinary paintings or photo collages here. Instead, choose fun and meaningful artwork. Available here at TheNameStore, meaning of name gifts are perfect for nursery rooms. They feature a colorful graphic with an overlay of your baby's name and the meaning of their name.

Remove the Clutter

When converting your guest bedroom into a nursery room, you must remove any and all clutter. Many families have a tendency to use their guest bedroom as a secondary storage space. Unfortunately, this results in clutter gradually accumulating. Go through your guest bedroom and remove all unnecessary furniture, furnishings and other items.

Mar 13th 2019

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