6 Tips to Create a Minimalist Decor Inside Your Home

6 Tips to Create a Minimalist Decor Inside Your Home

Minimalist decor has become one of the hottest interior design trends in recent years. Characterized by a clean, clutter-free layout with fewer furnishings, it's both simple and attractive. While you can always use other styles of decor inside your home, minimalist is the perfect choice if you're looking to create a clean, simple interior.

#1) Remove the Clutter

The first step to achieving a minimalist decor is to remove the clutter. Whether you're decorating a single room with a minimalist decor or your entire home, you'll need to de-clutter the surrounding space by removing unnecessary furnishings, decorations and other items.

#2) Create a Single Focal Point

Designate a single element as the focal point for each room. Normally, the TV serves as a natural focal point. In the living room, however, you can use a fireplace or piece of artwork as the focal point. Regardless, you should only use a single focal point in each room to achieve a minimalist decor.

#3) Use No More 3 Colors

Using too many different colors in your home's decor will prevent you from achieving a minimalist design. A good rule of thumb is to use no more than three colors in the color palette. By limiting your interior design efforts to just three colors, you'll create a simpler decor that reflects the characteristics of minimalism.

#4) Decorate Walls With Fewer Pieces of Artwork

It's also worth mentioning that you should use fewer pieces of artwork on your walls. Rather than filling every square inch of wall space with a painting, photo or other artwork, place a couple pieces of artwork in strategic locations where they'll have the biggest impact. If you're decorating your bedroom, for example, you can place a meaning of name gift over the headboard of your bed.

#5) Arrange Furniture Farther Apart

When arranging your furniture, try to create a greater amount of distance or space between the various pieces. If you squish all your furniture together, it will create a claustrophobic atmosphere. But if you space them apart, it will create a more open and relaxing atmosphere that's aligned with the properties of minimalist decor.

#6) Choose Smaller Curtains

Something as simple as using smaller curtains can help you create a minimalist decor. Your curtains should still be able to fully cover your windows -- when the curtains are shut, at least -- but they shouldn't extend too far past your windows. Choose curtains that are sized to fit to your windows, as this creates more space on the wall for a minimalist appearance.

Mar 6th 2019

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