6 Creative Ways to Include More Color in Your Home's Decor

6 Creative Ways to Include More Color in Your Home's Decor

The colors used in your home's decor will affect the overall mood and atmosphere inside your home. Using dull or otherwise bland colors will create a depressing and uninspiring mood. On the other hand, using the right combination of bright colors will create an energetic, uplifting mood. But if you've already designed your home, you might be wondering how to include more color in the decor.

#1) Create an Accent Wall

Most homeowners paint all the walls in a room the same color. While this perfectly fine, you can paint one wall a different color than the rest. Known as an accent wall, it's an easy way to include more color in your home's decor.

#2) Add Colorful Throw Pillows

In the living room, consider adding colorful throw pillows to your couch or sofa. Available for as little as $5 to $10 bucks a piece, throw pillows offer an inexpensive way to touch up your home's interior with new colors.

#3) Hang Colorful Curtains

You can also hang new curtains to inject new color into your home's decor. A good rule of thumb is to choose curtains in a color that contrasts with the color of your walls. If the walls in your living room are painted red, for example, try using blue curtains over the windows.

#4) Use Area Rugs

Using area rugs in your home will protect the floors from damage while also creating a more colorful environment. For your living room, use an area rug in a shape that corresponds with the layout of the furniture. If your living furniture is arranged in a circular or semi-circular layout, for instance, use a circular-shaped area rug. If it's arranged in an L-shaped layout, use a rectangular-shaped area rug.

#5) Decorate With Container Plants

Plants are the perfect accessory with which to decorate your home. They are naturally colorful by themselves -- but you can make plants even more colorful by placing them in a decorative pot or container. Placing a green plant in a bright red container is guaranteed to make your home's decor pop with color.

#6) Display Colorful Artwork on the Walls

When choosing artwork for your walls, make sure they are colorful. You can shop for a variety of colorful artwork, including meaning of name artwork, here at TheNameStore. By displaying colorful artwork on the walls, you'll enhance your home's decor to create a more lively and energetic atmosphere.

Feb 8th 2019

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