5 Storage Solutions for a Messy Bathroom

5 Storage Solutions for a Messy Bathroom

If your bathroom is constantly messy, you might be wondering how to de-clutter it. Unfortunately, you can't increase the physical size of your bathroom -- not without performing some major demolishing and renovation work, at least -- but you can reduce clutter by adding the right storage solutions. Rather than placing items on the floor or vanity, you can store them out of sight using one or more of the following solutions.

#1) Over-the-Toilet Space Saver

An over-the-toilet space saver is a simple yet innovative product that will provide you with more storage space in your bathroom. It's essentially a shelving unit that, as the name suggests, is placed over a toilet. Over-the-toilet space savers aren't mounted or otherwise secured to the wall. Rather, they are free standing and designed to fit directly over a toilet.

#2) Install a Medicine Cabinet

You can also install a medicine cabinet to increase the amount of storage space in your bathroom. While medicine cabinets were originally used to store medicine and first aid products, they've since become an all-purpose solution for modern-day bathrooms.

#3) Towel Racks

Another way to prevent clutter from accumulating in your bathroom is to install towel racks on the walls. Not to be confused with towel rods, towel racks are used to store multiple towels at once. After installing a towel rack on the wall, you can place towels, washcloths and other items on it.

#4) Choose a Larger Vanity

Replacing your bathroom vanity isn't easy, nor is it cheap, but it can provide you with significantly more storage space. If your current bathroom vanity consists of nothing more than a sink and faucet, consider replacing it with a larger vanity with built-in storage underneath, such as a cabinet. If you're willing to make the investment, upgrading your vanity will help you create a cleaner bathroom with less clutter.

#5) Door Basket

Take advantage of the space behind your bathroom door by hanging a basket from it. Don't use just any basket, though. For maximum storage space and convenience, choose a basket that's designed specifically to hang from the back of a door. There are dozens of different door baskets featuring this same back-of-the-door design. Some have a single container, whereas others have three or more containers. Regardless, you can use a door basket to store everyday bathroom items like shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, shaving cream, washcloths and more.

Apr 15th 2019

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