5 Reasons to Give a Personalized Wedding Gift

5 Reasons to Give a Personalized Wedding Gift

Have you been invited to a wedding? Regardless of who's getting married, it's customary give the couple a gift. It's a way of celebrating and honoring the couple's nuptials while wishing them luck in the process. Rather than choosing a generic gift listed in the couple's wedding registry, though, you should consider giving them a personalized gift for the five following reasons.

#1) No Duplicate Gifts

It's unlikely that anyone else who's attending the wedding will give the couple the same personalized gift as you. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for generic wedding gifts. Even if you choose a gift listed on the couple's registry, another guest may purchase it. To avoid the possibility of duplicate gifts, choose a personalized wedding gift.

#2) The Couple Won't Return or Resell It

Personalized wedding gifts are more meaningful and unique than generic gifts, so couples generally don't return or resell them. According to one report, roughly four in five newlywed couples resell some or all their wedding gifts. Of course, it doesn't make sense to give the couple a gift that they will simply return or resell, which is why personalized wedding gifts are recommended.

#3) It's More Memorable

Considering that the average couple invites about 130 to 150 guests to their wedding, it's safe to assume they'll receive a lot of wedding gifts. If you choose a generic wedding fit, the couple may not remember it -- or remember that you give it to them. But if you give the couple a personalized wedding gift, they'll almost certainly remember it.

#4) Fun to Shop For

Personalized wedding gifts are also fun to shop for. You won't have to frantically scour various retail or department stores in search of a generic gift listed on the couple's registry. Instead, you can find beautifully personalized wedding gifts by shopping online. Here at TheNameStore, you can purchase personalized wedding gifts like meaning of name gifts featuring the bride's or groom's name (or both if you choose two prints).

#5) Long Lasting

Many generic wedding gifts have a short lifespan, with the couple consuming or using them shortly after getting married. This isn't a problem with personalized wedding gifts, however. Because they are relevant to the couple, personalized wedding gifts often last for years or even decades.

From eliminating the possibility of duplicate gifts to being more memorable, fun to shop for and long-lasting, there are numerous reasons to choose a personalized wedding gift instead of a generic gift.

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Apr 5th 2019

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