Baby Boy Wrapping Paper Vintage Style

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  • Baby Boy Wrapping Paper Vintage Style
  • Baby Boy Wrapping Paper Vintage Style


Baby Boy Wrapping Paper Vintage Style

Color: Baby Boy


  • USE IT FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Perfect for birthday, holiday, Christmas, wedding, Mothers Day, baby shower, or a graduation.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Each sheet is quality checked twice to insure your complete satisfaction.

  • CLASSY, ELEGANT AND UNIQUE: Impress your friend with a unique vintage style design you can only get from TheNameStore.

  • THE PERFECT SIZE: You get a big sheet that is 30" by 84". Enough gift wrapping paper to wrap several gifts.

  • GIFT RECEIVERS SMILE: An added smile that you took the time to choose the perfect, special gift wrapping paper design

Brand: TheNameStore

Great Baby Boy wrapping paper for Birthday, Baby Shower, Christmas, Hanukkah, Newborn Baby, Baptism, Wedding, Anniversary, Veterans,Thanksgiving, Valentines day, Mothers Fathers Day, Easter, Grandchildren, Kids, Brother Or Sister, Dating Couples and just about any occasion you can think of !

The perfect way to wrap a gift for a newborn baby boy is our Baby Boy Wrapping Paper for gifts.

When expecting parents finally have their bundle of joy otherwise known as a baby and they find out that it is going to be a baby boy the parents will often throw a baby shower or will very much appreciate a gift to celebrate the occasion and show them that you care about them. Wrapping your gift in one of TheNameStore Brands unique line of vintage style gift wrapping paper lets the recipient know that you took the time to think about and select every detail of the baby boy gifts that you are giving them. There simply isn't a finer way to celebrate the arrival of a newborn baby boy than to give the new proud parents a perfect baby gift wrapped in the perfect unique baby boy wrapping paper. 

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